ISO 37001 Calculating the Business value

1 September 2017 1:26pm
ISO 37001 Calculating The Business Value

Estimates put the annual cost of bribery and corruption at nearly $3 trillion dollars—and since these activities take place in the shadows, the figure is likely much higher. But there are other costs that your organization must consider—the reputational, regulatory, financial and strategic risks that shatter trust and wreak havoc on growth and profits.

Developed based on global best practices for identifying and addressing bribery risk among customers, suppliers and other key third parties on whom you rely, ISO 37001 certification helps you mitigate risk while visibly demonstrating your organisation's commitment to ethical business practices.

Download our eBook, "ISO 37001: Calculating the Business Value," to learn why pursuing certification makes smart business sense.

Read it today! Click on the blue button to get your copy now. You can also arrange a demo to see how LexisNexis content, tools and services support the ISO 37001 requirements.

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