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21 December 2016 11:47am
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Enterprises are under pressure to measure the impact of their campaigns, strategies, channel tactics, and messaging on brand value. Strategic business analytics combined with comprehensive and relevant external data provide the proof you need to show impact and return on investment as measured by reach and brand visibility, share of voice, sentiment and much more. The problem is that companies have been stymied by a glut of data, tools, and media service silos, forced to rely on ad hoc access to information from scattered sources, and frustrated by missing content, channels, and media sources. Key employees and executives lack an integrated, automated flow of relevant data and analytics. Instead each must find time to identify what's relevant and what's missing from the scattered information coming across their desktop.

That's what Media Intelligence is all about. It's a single platform that provides the critical functionality for strategic business insight based on external news and information, including:

- Curate

- Listen

- Analyse

- Distribute

- Evaluate

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